House Framing System


UNI-Interlocked Housing Framing System brings a new level of quality and consistency to the prefabricated modular home industry. It is a unique and high quality home building system, based on a light weight high tensile galvanized iron post and beam structural approach to construction and new home building.

UNI-Interlocked Housing Framing System is constructed to meticulously high standards, and state-of-the art production facilities ensure a finished floor plan which adheres to all state and local prefabricated building codes. Each house begins as a custom home plan, with corresponding house building materials prefabricated and shipped in building component form to clients' building sites for construction by local home builders.

UNI-Interlocked Housing Framing System is luxury homes in quality, appearance and has been awarded 5 STARS energy house rating in Australia.


1. Speed of Construction
2. Labor Saving
3. Time on site for finishing trades is vastly reduced and is usually required only at certain joint locations between modules.
4. Quality Control at factory
5. Minimum Site Preparation.
6. Pest Resistance
7. Environmental friendly
8. Improve Construction Quality

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